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6 Beautiful Instagramable Tourism Destination in Bandung

Bandung as the central city of West Java automatically has many tourism destinations. All of them are instagramable and will make the tourist happy in taking the picture. Everyone can enjoy the scenery of nature destination, park, swimming pool and also kids zone. Here are beautiful instagramable tourism destinations in Bandung. 

instagramable tourism destinations in Bandung.

Bandung is very popular both of Indonesia and abroad. This city has the big interest mainly in the tourism aspect. There, local and foreign tourist can choose the destination that they want. Besides, after visiting the place, they also can upload the picture in Instagram because the views are amazing.

6 Recommendation Instagramable Spot in ‘Paris Van Java’

1. Upside Down World

instagramable place in Bandung
 Instagramable place in Bandung, credit :

The first instagramable place in Bandung is Upside Down World. By knowing the name, the reader will surely understand that this place is very popular and Instagramble for millennial generations. This destination located at H. Wasid Street Lebakgede Coblong Bandung.

In this place the tourist will feel amazed because their appearances in picture and mirror are like upside down. This is the unique one. Then, this place opened since 10.00 p.m-08.00 a.m. To enjoy the scenery and facilility, tourist must pay the ticket Rp 50.000,- for children and Rp 100.000,- for adult.

2. Dusun Bambu

the beautiful pictures with family in bandung
The beautiful pictures with family in bandung, credit:

Does anyone know what is
Dusun Bambu? This place located in Lembang Bandung and give the beautiful spot for tourist. Not only that, here anyone also can eat many foods from Bandung. So, during eating, tourist can enjoy the view and take the beautiful pictures with family. The climate is very cool and the air is clean.

This place can be visited every day since 07.00 a.m until 08.00 p.m. Tourist must pay Rp 15.000,- only to enter the location. Then, if everyone wants to buy some foods, the price start from Rp 10.000,- -100.000,-. The taste is very delicious one. It will make tourist like with Indonesian traditional foods.

3. Lereng Anteng Panoramic Coffee Place

instagramable spot Bandung 2020
Instagramable spot Bandung 2020, credit:

The next instagramable spot Bandung is Lereng Anteng Panoramic Coffee Place. Here, tourist can drink a cup of coffee and also take picture in the beautiful view. This place is recommended for conducting camping, club discussion and so on. The ticket is very cheap around Rp 5.000,- only.

Tourist can stay in this place as long as 24 hours non-stop because Lereng Anteng Panoramic Coffee Place never closed. Besides, there are many foods that are brought here. Anyone can visit this beautiful place on Puncak Ciumbuleuit Bandung. Please take many pictures here and upload to Instagram soon!

4. Orchid Forest Cikole Lembang

instagramable and has the view of flowers, Orchid Forest Cikole
Beautiful instagramable destinatin in bandung, credit: ig @orchidforestcikole

If tourists want to visit the place that instagramable and has the view of flowers, Orchid Forest Cikole is the recommended one. This place has 157 orchid flowers species from many countries in the world. Everyone can imagine that the view here is very beautiful and very appropriate for taking the picture.

Moreover, Orchid Forest Cikole also has other facility like outbound. So, tourist can play and enjoy the view here. If anyone interested in visiting this place, please go to Tangkuban Perahu Raya Street Lembang. Visitor must pay Rp 20.000,- to enter the location of Orchid Forest Cikole.

5. Trizara Resort Glamping

Tourism Destination in Bandung Instagramable 2020
Tourism Destination in Bandung Instagramable 2020, Credit: ig @trizararesorts

Does anyone like camping? If yes, do not be absent in visiting Trizara Resort Bandung. This place located at Pasir wangi wetan Lembang Bandung. Here, all of the equipment of camping have been prepared by the resort. So, visitor just arrive and enjoy the activity.

Visitors can book the place earlier before they conduct camping here because sometimes the place are full booked. Then, the fee of conducting camping here start from Rp 977.000, - per 24 jam. It is for a group and not for individual. It is very cheap because the facilities are complete include:

  • Foods and drinks from resort
  • Barbeque equipments
  • Tent
  • The wood for api unggun
  • Private room like hotel for a group
  • Outbound
  • Coffee night
  • Panahan area
  • Cycling tracking
  • Fitness for premium booking

6. Barusen Hills Ciwidey

popular with the instagramable destionations
Popular with the instagramable destionations in bandung, credit : ig @barusenhillciwidey

Actually, Ciwidey is popular as the ‘wisata alam Bandung’, but now this area also popular with the instagramable destionations. One of them is Barusan Hills Ciwidey. This place serves many recreation aspects like kid’s zone, swimming pool, outbound and so on. Furthermore, the view is very interested.

In the recreation area that located at Pasirjambu Ciwidey Bandung here, visitor must pay the ticket around Rp 25.000,-. Then, they can get the facilities such as:

  • Free outbound without the limited time
  • Free take many pictures on replica of the icon in the other countries such as Eiffel tower, Petronas tower, Liberty statue and so on
  • Free to swim in the swimming pool with security equipment for children

That is all about the instagramable tourism destination in Bandung. By reading this article, hopefully the reader can choose one of the destinations. All of them are cheap and very appropriate to be visited with family and children. 

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