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4 Best Stunning Natural Tourism In Lombok, Popularly 2020

If you want to visit Bali but you want a relatively quiet place, Lombok is a great option for you. It is one of the popular tourist destinations in Central Indonesia. Besides having stunning scenery, Lombok also offers a beautiful beach and a fine culinary tourism.

List of the Best Nature Tourism in Lombok

There are a lot natural tourisms here, but we want to give the best recommendation that is affordable and will give you sense of belonging.

1. Kuta Mandalika Beach

Best Stunning Natural Tourism In Lombok indonesia
Kuta beach lombok indonesia. Photo : IG @kelombok_dawek

Kuta Beach is located in Kuta Village in Central Lombok. Even it has the same name with Kuta Beach in Bali, but Kuta Beach in Lombok is full of serenity and peace. People are simply having their quality time here.

Beach stunning natural tourism in mandalika lombok
Kuta mandalika beach lombok. Photo : IG @lm_izi 

There are so many restaurants near this beach, such as Seasalt Lombok, Kemangi Bar and Kitchen and Bucu Restaurant Bar that only takes 6 minutes from the beach. It is really relaxing place for you to go after deadlines at work. It is exactly a great place for holiday.

2. Selong Belanak Beach

Selong belanak beach lombok
The perfect place to learn to surf in lombok, Photo : IG @olaolalombok

Selong Belanak Beach is closed to Kuta Beach and has the same road path. You can also go touring and sightseeing several destinations there. There are cafes and restaurant you can find nearby, it only take 9 minutes’ walk such as Kampung CafĂ©, Laut Biru Bar and Restaurant.

Selong belanak beach lombok for holiday

Unlike Kuta Beach, this beach is pretty crowded and it takes at least one hour more from the airports. You can also learn so many things about culture from the local resident there. You can go there by walking or renting a bicycle. You can see so many rice fields and take a great picture there, too.

3. Tanjung Aan Beach

best stunning natural tourism in nusa tenggara timur lombok for honeymoon
Best stunning natural tourism in lombok for honeymoon, Photo : ig @gustavoferigato

Tanjung Aan Beach offers nice white sand and a very quiet place. You can also find crystal clear water and is a very suitable for you who like surfing. You can spend all your day there and still excited. You can also go snorkeling if you have more budgets.

Tanjung aan beach lombok paradise. Photo : ig @cynthiavandoorn

This beach is only three kilometers away from Kuta Beach. You can also rent motorbike to explore the beautiful scenery or rent a car if you bring your big family there. If you are hungry you can visit La Cabana and KRNK Restaurant that only takes 4 minutes from the beach.

4. Tangsi Beach

popular beach in lombok 2020
Tangsi pink beach is a famous beach in lombok. Photo : ig @hendrickhartono

This is one the most fantastic thing about Tangsi Beach: the sand is pink! It also sometimes called as Pink Beach. It is located in Sekaroh, Jerowaru, about two kilometers from Mataram. The location is pretty near with Tanjung Ringgit, and takes 8 minutes to get there.

If you are also curious about coral and want to see diverse of fishes in Lombok, you can simply rent the boat and the drivers to go to several reef sites there. If you want the perfect lighting for your picture, the best time to visit this beach is around 8 AM to 16 PM.

Don’t forget to plan your holiday after the pandemic ends! Book your ticket as soon as possible!

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