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The Best Dive Spots in Bunaken National Park Manado

dive spots in bunaken

As one of the biggest archipelago states Indonesia has is heaven for the divers. Several areas in Indonesia are famous for their underwater paradises such as Bali, Raja Ampat, Bangka Belitung, and Bunaken island. Bunaken National Park is one of the favorite natural tourist attractions located in North Sulawesi, precisely off the coast of Manado city. Here, you can find the best dive spots in Bunaken.

These Are the Best Diving Spots in Bunaken

This tourist spot which consists of several islands has amazing underwater scenery with various natural coral reefs. If you are planning your next trip to explore the underwater riches of the archipelago, then you must visit some of the Bunaken diving package.

1. Manadotua Island

Bunaken diving resort, popular asia
Bunaken diving resort, popular asia. Photo:

For you who love to dive, Manadotua Island is one of the diving spots you should come. The Manado Tua Island is one of the large islands in Bunaken, to be precise at the westernmost area with an area of 1,056 square kilometers. It's not just the underwater panorama that's stunning.

This island is also unique, where there is a beautiful view of the volcano in the middle of the island and there are unspoiled mangrove forests. Don’t forget to stay in Bunaken diving resort when you visit this area. The water is calm with good visibility. White anemone crabs and clumps of leaf fish will appear around the anemone.

In this place, you can also find large trevallies, white tip sharks, spotted eagle rays, and scorpionfish. This island is also one of the diving and snorkeling spots in Bunaken with very beautiful natural scenery. The surrounding waters are also so clear that visitors can see various kinds of coral reefs and cool marine life.

2. Fukui Point

Diving in bunaken island, fukui point coral
Spot diving in bunaken island, fukui point coral. Photo :

One of the dive spots in Bunaken Marine Park that is a favorite of scuba divers is Fukui Point. Fukui is a south-western side of Bunaken and need only 20 minutes ride from diving resort Manado by boat. This place was first discovered by the Japanese. Fukui has 5-30 depth with occasional current.

Fukui Point is not like most other Bunaken dive sites, because in this place you will not find coral walls, but slopes with low or steep descents. At the first stage you will find stag horn coral, black snappers, and batfish. The other marine life you can find in this diving in Bunaken island spot is white-spotted moray eels, and if you are diving up to 15 meters depth you will see the incredible 5 giant clams.

In this depth make sure you are safe because it’s quite dangerous. If your sight is clear enough, you will find a white reef shark through the water. If you are interested to visit this diving spot, it will be best on April until November.

3. Likuan 

Bunaken national park, dives spot
Bunaken national park, dives spot. Photo :

The next favorite diving spot for Bunaken Marine Park is Likuan. It has three parts of separate diving spot. All the divers, including novice and experienced, will really enjoy this spot because of its calm waves and clear water. This diving in Bunaken spot in Bunaken Marine Park also has a wide variety of fish species that different in every depth of water.

In Likuan 1 and 2 divers will find some of the marine life, that are pyramid butterflyfish dan bannerfish. Turtle and Angelfish are also available to see in this spot. But if you continue to dive at 35 meter bottom, you will see many black tip reef sharks. Likuan 3 is a very spectacular dive spots in Bunaken because of its various marine’s life.

Divers can enjoy a variety of colors and types of coral reefs and fish species. For those of you who are going to dive, the adventure will start from a gentle slope of sand with a little underwater peak, after which you will find a sea wall almost 200 meters deep. Gorgonians and large sponges adorn the walls. Colorful fish swam around this one diving spot.

4. Celah-Celah

Bunaken national park, spots diving celah celah. Photo :

This dive point in the southern part of Bunaken Island is also a favorite location for residents to relax. As it is located near Liang Bay, the indentation of the island at this point protects the Gap area from excess wind and waves. On the surface, the waves are usually calm.

However, below sea level, the currents are sometimes quite large.The word "Celah" means a fracture. As the name suggests, this point has a deep sea wall with large cracks on its surface. To divers, this dive site looks best when sunlight breaks through the seawater, illuminating the fractures and making the water appear bluer.

When you dive, pay attention to the algae covering the sea walls, maybe you will find some unusual sea creatures there. Reef sharks or eagle rays occasionally appear.

Those are some of the Bunaken diving Spots that you can refer while you are there. Before visiting Bunaken and starting an adventure in this place, find out information about the marine life that you might encounter in an underwater park. Also, make sure you understand eco-friendly snorkeling etiquette. Don't forget to visit these dive spots in Bunaken.

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