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The Best Educational Tour In Jogja

For many people, Jogja is their second hometown. People have invested their money on educational sector there, either by pursuing higher education or simply for travelling purpose.

This Are the Best Educational Tour in Jogja

1. Borobudur Temple

Borobudur temple is monumen and stupa complex in the word by unisco
Borobudur temple, Credit photo : IG @pl.borobudur
Borobudur temple is a famous Buddhist temple and located in central Java. Monument and stupa complex in the world by UNESCO. Definitely a must visit place when you in Indonesia.

It is a beautiful temple and is easily accessible by private/rental and public transportation. In this temple, you can easily find a lot of museums.

Those museums are Karmawibangga, Kapal Samudraraksa and you can explore that place by renting bicycle or riding mini car. By using these vehicles, you can see the temple from all angles and take picture with your travel buddy.

Borobudur Temple at sunrise
Borobudur Temple at sunrise. Credit photo : IG @pl.borobudur

Take the time to admire the majestic of Borobudur Temple at sunrise and be ready to get amazed by the stunning sunshine hue with its glorious colour bounce off over the best-preserved ancient monument in Indonesia. This beautiful view is truly worth the wait.

Ticket information borobudur 2020, including insurance premium, audio visual and car park.
Credit Photo :

2. Prambanan Temple

prambanan temple in indonesia

Prambanan Temple is the largest Buddhist temple in Indonesia and built in the ninth century. For the Temple entrances, you only need to pay Rp. 50.000 for adult and Rp. 25.000 for children.

If you come with your school group (at leastv30 students), you only need to pay Rp. 25.000 for each. Also, if you want to experience the Javanese atmosphere to stay near Prambanan temple, you can visit Sheraton Mustika Yogyakarta Resort and Spa.

3. Malioboro

Malioboro tour in jogja
Malioboro tour in jogja. Credit photo : travel kompas
Malioboro is the true heart of Jogja's downtown. You can have your staycation at the first biggest hotel in Malioboro that was built in 1908, the Grand Hotel de Djokdja. If you want to bring your family, you can consider staying at a guest house near Malioboro.

A guest house is a house with full facilities that is rented out daily. Besides being cheaper than opening 2-3 rooms in star hotels, guest houses are also more comfortable because there are kitchens and washing machines that can be used by guests.

4. Siti Djirzanah Mosque

Siti Djirzanah Mosque beringharjo market in jogja
Siti Djirzanah Mosque beringharjo market in jogja. Credit :

This beautiful new mosque was launched in 2018. At first glance, it looks like a temple, but it is blue. The architecture of this mosque is closely related to the culture in Malioboro. This mosque is located in front of Beringharjo Market (across the street).

The owner of mosque adds the mosque with Chinese nuances. It looks like a typical mosque with Chinese building ornaments. It is also decorated with Arabic, Mandarin (Qingzhensi), and English (Mosque) writings so Malioboro visitors can understand.

5. Jogja Monument

Jogja monument white
Jogja monument white. Credit :
The location of this monument is right in the middle of the Mangkubumi intersection, between Sangaji, Sudirman, A.M and Diponegoro roads. The Jogja Monument becomes the landmark that is closely linked to Yogyakarta

This monument has a long story because it was built by Hamengkubuwana I, the first Sultan (king) of Yogyakarta. This monument  is one of Jogja tourism objects and become the favorite spot, what’s more interesting is that the color never changes and it always white.

Those are some educational tours that are suitable to be visited with family when you are in Jogja.

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